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The elegance of this cosmetic procedure, unlike other rejuvenation techniques (peels & resurfacing) is that most patients have no immediate annoying after effects. You can have the laser rejuvenation done over the lunch hour and go right back to work. A few may experience some erythema (pinkness or redness) which will be transient. Typically, the redness resolves in one to two hours. Rare individuals may develop inflammatory papules (bumps). If these occur these usually resolve in three to four days. An occasional patient may develop very slight swelling. This is usually minimal and resolves in 24 hours. You may resume normal activities following the Facial Laser Rejuvenation.

1. Use sunscreen on a daily basis with an SPF of 29 or higher. Sunscreen Recommendations

2. The evening of the rejuvenation and the morning after: No scrubbing with a washcloth, no hot water or harsh soap on the face. Use tepid to cool water and be gentle with the skin. Gently blot dry. be careful if you shower not to let hot water flow over your face.

3. Starting two days after the Laser Facial Rejuvenation apply Kinerase to the facial skin in the morning.

4. Starting two days after the Laser Facial Rejuvenation apply Renova in the evening to the facial area. A prescription is required for the Renova and we will provide you with this. This is a formulation of Retin-A that has a moisturizing base.

5. For maximum response, re-treatments are typically done every four weeks for a total of 5 treatments. Improvements to the skin from collagen stimulation can be noted up to six months after the final treatment. Six months after the final treatment maintenance, treatments can be performed as needed. These are usually done several months apart or may not be needed at all.

Response: We want our patients to have realistic expectations following this procedure:

-Best results are obtained if the full series of treatments is completed, but improvement will even happen with one treatment.

-The treatments will not not make a 49 year old skin look like a 20 year old, but it might make a 49 year old skin look like 44 or 45. Erasing even a few years can be a nice improvement and there is nothing as simple as this that can claim these results.

-Let us know what your expectations are so we can make sure they are realistic for this procedure. This will not remove deep wrinkles, sagging skin, moderate to deep acne scars.

-It may improve superficial acne scars, skin texture, pore size, fine wrinkles, blood vessels, red blotches and some pigmentations due to chronic sun damage. Good improvement would be about 25%, outstanding improvement would be 50%. Results vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.


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