Orlando Skin Cancer Treatment

Orlando Skin Cancer Treatment

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Orlando Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Meisenheimer strongly believes that each cancer should be evaluated based on its own circumstance and that the treatment plan be individually developed. There are three common types of skin cancer basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma. One specific treatment is not right for all skin cancers. Dr. Meisenheimer chooses from several different modalities to treat the cancer based on what he believes will give a combination of high cure rate and good cosmetic result.

Orlando Skin Cancer Treatment
  Possible treatment modalities include:
bullet Excision with cosmetic/plastic repair of the defect
bullet Excision with healing by secondary intention
bullet Mohs Surgery
bullet Electrodesiccation and Curettage
bullet Laser destruction
bullet Radiation Therapy
bullet Cryosurgery
bullet Injectable and Topical chemo and immuno therapies
Orlando Skin Cancer Treatment

Although Dr. Meisenheimer is able to treat about 98% of the cancers he has diagnosed in his office, there are a few that may require treatment beyond his office environment. He will carefully discuss with you and make arrangements for you if outside treatment is required.

Most skin cancers are treated surgically and Dr. Meisenheimer is an experienced skin cancer surgeon. His surgeries are planned with consideration for the final cosmetic result and he performs cosmetic/plastic repairs on all of his closures.

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