Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation

Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation

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Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation

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Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation

This patient information and photograph on Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation is provided by John L. Meisenheimer, M.D. a board certified Dermatologist and skin care specialist based in Orlando, Florida. This information is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice or treatment of a dermatologist or other physician.

"I travel from Clearwater to have my rejuvenation treatments at Dr. Meisenheimer's office. I have never been more pleased and his staff is wonderful."

Dan Akins, M.D. Dermatologist


Facial Laser rejuvenation is becoming Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenationone of our office's most popular cosmetic procedures. Many of my staff say that it is one of the best benefits of working for a dermatologist…they all love it!

Laser rejuvenation is a new non-ablative treatment (ablative treatments damage the epidermis while non-ablative do not) that works simultaneously to repair collagen in the dermis, or deepest layer of the skin, while gently erasing signs of aging in the top layer of skin. This exceptional laser treatment selectively delivers amplified pulses of light to the dermis, which causes injury, followed by subsequent repair and stimulation of the existing collagen. Since the epidermis is rarely damaged by this treatment, there are no visible signs that the skin is being rejuvenated as occurs Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation with other traditional ablative procedures.

The laser rejuvenation can reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, including fine wrinkles, superficial acne scars, enlarged pores, freckles and uneven pigmentation, as well as redness and dilated capillaries associated with Rosacea. This is a great procedure for Floridians who have had repeated sun exposure and want improvement for their face without undergoing high risk, expensive treatments with long recovery periods.

For best results, a series of five treatment sessions spaced approximately four weeks apart is recommended. Each Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation treatment takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The beauty of laser rejuvenation is that is can quickly treat the entire face with little downtime, minor discomfort, and minimal risk.

Other areas laser rejuvenation can be used include the neck, chest, and hands. For more information on non-ablative laser rejuvenation of the hands click here.


  Orlando Facial Laser Rejuvenation  
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